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Welcome to Allegiance Marketing – a boutique consulting firm dedicated to helping non-profits further their fundraising efforts through effective database marketing.


My decision to launch Allegiance Marketing in 2008 all started with a passion for loyalty marketing and an allegiance to my undergraduate school.  After spending a year volunteering with the Alumni Relations Team, I realized there was an opportunity to further the school’s fundraising efforts by helping them construct a comprehensive direct marketing program.  They, like so many other non-profits, lacked a direct marketing expert within their Development Office and could benefit from some strategic planning sessions. The idea was born, the project was launched, and Allegiance Marketing opened its doors for business.


Our goal isn’t to become your full-service direct marketing agency – we recognize this becomes too expensive for many of the non-profits we aim to serve.  Instead, our goal is to provide you with an executable direct marketing plan that delivers consistent, relevant messaging to your target donor segments throughout the fiscal year. You have a wealth of knowledge hiding within your organization’s database(s), and it is our job to help you unlock that information and transform it into cost-effective communications.


Your donors aren’t all the same – so why should your marketing communications?




Stevie Marie Rodgers
Founder & President